South African Passport Fees and Turn Around Times

Regular passports $33. 00 Minimum 6 months
Lost, stolen or damaged passports $66.00 Minimum 6 months
Child passports $33.00 Minimum 6 months
Emergency Travel Certificates $12.00  
Holders of passports out of visa pages before expiry must apply for a new passport    
Maxi passports $50.00 Minimum 6 months

Fees must be paid in money order or certified bank check payable to: 

  • South African Consulate General (for applications submitted to Consulates General in Chicago or Los Angeles) 
  • South African Consulate General New York for applications submitted to the New York office
  • South African Embassy (for applications submitted to the Embassy in Washington, DC)

** New York applicants: All fees for consular transactions must be paid in money order or certified bank checks only. Cash or personal check payments are not  accepted. The  money orders and certified bank checks must be made payable to the South African Consulate General New York, with the exact amount as no refunds will be made.

Applicants must enclose a self-addressed, pre-paid courier envelope at the time of application for documents issued locally (such as temporary passports and emergency travel certificates, visas and permits) to be mailed to applicants.

The applicant’s name and address must be indicated as both the sender (return address) and receiver (addressee) on the prepaid courier envelope. All courier envelopes/labels must have a tracking number.Copyright © 1998-2018 South African Consulate General, New York City.  Managed by Cymbeline Rodriguez.
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