south african Birth Registration

Persons born abroad to South African parents may avail of South African citizenship by descent through birth registration.

Checklist of Documents to be Submitted:

  • Form DHA 24, Notice of Birth
    Section F: To be completed and signed by the South African parent of child being registered. If both parents are South African citizens, the father must complete and sign this part.

    DHA 24 is a barcoded form. If application is to be mailed into this office please request for this form ahead of time by sending in a request with a prepaid self addressed stamp envelope.
  • Form BI 529, Determination of Citizenship Applicant and South African parent must complete this form. If both parents are South African citizens, each must complete this form.
  • An original or notarized copy of the child’s foreign birth certificate.
  • An original or notarized copy of the parent’s marriage certificate.
  • An original or notarized copies of the South African parent’s proof of South African citizenship e.g. birth certificate, identity document or valid passport.
  • Notarized letter from the non-South African parent or South African mother of child being registered, confirming his/her consent for the child’s birth to be registered in South Africa.
  • Certified copy of non-South African parent’s passport or government-issued ID.

Birth registrations are processed and finalized in South Africa therefore requires a processing period of 4 months.

As soon as the application is finalized an abridged birth certificate will be mailed to the applicant. Upon receipt of the abridged birth certificate, the applicant may apply for his/her passport and full birth certificate.

Please note that children born abroad and whose births have been registered in South Africa are automatically allowed to maintain dual citizenship.