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Rain Africa creates handmade bath and body products as well as hand crafted home ware with utmost attention to detail using natural ingredients with African origins.

The African landscape, so blessed with abundance, is the source and inspiration for its bath and body products. The time honored secrets of indigenous flora and medicinal plants are gathered from the various plant regions blended into the Rain products.

  • Kalahari Melon oil with its water retentive properties from the desert region
  • Baobab oil from the bushveld, Mongongo nut oil from the midlands
  • Marula oil and Mafura butter from the lowveld,
  • Palm butter, tropical coconut and castor oils
  • Delicately perfumed aromatic and essential plant oils.

RAIN's products exhibit human touch, improving the quality of life of the hands that make each item, while bringing luxurious, natural products into your own life.

Indulge in luxury offered through timeless, old fashioned care to detail and natural African ingredients.

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