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South African Citrus Adds Color and Hope to Nelson Mandela International Day July 18

Special Festivities in New York City Celebrate Mandela's Life, Leadership and Sacrifice

What:   The South Africa Consulate General in New York and South African Summer Citrus will celebrate the United Nations Nelson Mandela International Day Friday, July 18th on what would have been Mr. Mandela’s 96th birthday. South Africa is the world’s second largest exporter of citrus next to Spain. Two New York City celebrations will mirror programs in South Africa where citrus production and export is changing the lives of the people there.The South African Consulate General of New York works consistently to promote and support the citrus program to the U.S. which contributes to the economic stability and growth of the Rainbow Nation to which Mr. Mandela dedicated his life.

With special focus on the number 67, the number of years Mr. Mandela is considered to have been in service to South Africa, New Yorkers are invited to commit 67 minutes in service to the community.     

Pledge to Serve: July 18; 2:00 -  3:00 p.m.; Boys/Girls High School, 1700 Fulton St., Brooklyn where Mr. Mandela visited and a school sports field will be named in his honor. 

A large inflated orange will draw people to a banner displaying Mr. Mandela's messages of service. By signing the banner, individuals pledge 67 minutes of service to making the world a better place. Those attending will receive South African oranges. The banner will be presented to the Nelson Mandela Foundation at a later date.

Interview opportunities: Honourable George Monyemangene, Consul General of South Africa to New York; citrus growers of South Africa.

The Bowery MissionJuly 18; 5:00 p.m.; 227 Bowery, New York, NY. Like South African Summer Citrus’ Harvest of Hope program, The Bowery Mission provides opportunities to others. Some 67 cartons of South African summer citrus will be presented to The Bowery Mission. In unity, a truck of fresh citrus will be unloaded at the Mission in bucket brigade manner lead by Consul General George Monyemangene, citrus growers from South Africa, U.S. importer partners DNE World, Seald Sweet, Capespan, and AMC Direct, and representatives from The Bowery Mission. Harvest of Hope is an economic development program established by those South African citrus growers exporting to the U.S. enabling farm employees to co-own land and secure a sustainable future for successive generations. 

Pledge to Serve: July 18; 2:00 - 3:00 PM; Boys/Girls High School, 1700 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY Bowery Mission: July 18; 5:00 PM; 227 Bowery, New York, NY 

Why Oranges:  
Since 1999, South African Summer Citrus has been exported to the U.S., providing consumers here with citrus when domestic product unavailable. Citrus from South Africa is exported via one of the most successful programs of the African Growth & Opportunity Act (A.G.O.A.), an international treaty in consideration for renewal in 2015. South Africa Citrus is available in U.S. supermarkets from late June through October.